Hair Follicle & Oral Swab Testing

Hair Testing

Are you considering a hair test program for your workplace or required drug screen?

A few key benefits to hair testing:

• Non-invasive, with only a small amount of hair needed for the lab test
• Most accurately detects drug use within a 14 to 90-day detection window
• Ideal for chronic drug use
• Time-saving
• Dependable and accurate
• There are no proven ways to falsify a hair test

Hair testing results should not be compared with results from other drug testing methods as the cut-off levels are different. This can be confusing to someone who is not a trained professional, like our Conspire! team.

If your industry is particularly safety-sensitive, but NOT subject to D.O.T. mandates, then maybe hair testing is a good option for you.

Body hair may be collected if head hair is unavailable, however hair from the head is the most accurate and reliable sample.

Tests may go back further than 90 days, if requested.  Labs required approximately ¼” per 30 days.  Tests of hair that seek results beyond 30 days do have higher associated costs.

Standard hair test results are usually received within 3-5 days.  Results will take longer for lengthier sample requests or positive results that must be verified.

Oral Swab Testing

When drugs are ingested, they are broken down by the body into metabolites or by-products. These are found in bodily fluids such as blood, saliva and urine.

In the saliva testing, you are looking at a  much shorter time period for detection.

More on the Pro’s and Con’s of orals swab testing. 

There are many advantages for oral swab testing such as:

  • Non evasive for the donor
  • Quick and easy sample collection
  • Instant results
  • Inexpensive
  • Can detect very recent drug use – especially helpful in reasonable suspicion cases
  • Decreased chances to cheat the test
  • Laboratory confirmation on the swab is typically included.