DNA Testing Defined

Before you were born, your DNA was created using a unique, random combination that you received from your parents.  Each human contains equal amounts of DNA from both the mother and the father.    There are so many things that can be found out about an individual utilizing DNA testing. 

Conspire offers a variety of DNA services that are confidential and accurate.  DNA testing is easy, and in most cases, non-invasive.  

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There are several reasons that people choose to get DNA testing from Paternity to legal receipt of benefits after a person has been deceased, to medical predisposition testing.  The Conspire! team can assist you with any questions regarding any need for proof of relationship, health, or infidelity situations.

  • Relationship
  • Ancestral Origins
  • Medical Predisposition
  • Forensics
  • Legal
  • Immigration
  • Infidelity

Types of Relationship Testing

Our testing labs use methods that exceed relationship testing standards and offer unparalleled accuracy in DNA reporting.  The labs test offer 40+ markers, which is 175% more than other DNA labs, allowing us to obtain a more accurate results.

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Paternity Test

Determine, with indisputable accuracy, if a man is the true biological father of a child.

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Pre- Natal Paternity Test

A non-invasive test that can determine, with indisputable accuracy paternity of the child.

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Sibling test

Determine the likelihood of two people being full siblings, half siblings, or unrelated.  

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Grandparent Test

Establish if a grandparent is related to a grandchild.

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Aunt/ Uncle Test

Determine the likelihood of an aunt/uncle being related to a niece or nephew.

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Maternity Test

Conclude with indisputable accuracy, if a woman is the true biological mother of the child.

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Twins Test

Define whether siblings are identical or fraternal twins.

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Y-Chromosome Test

Decide whether two males share the same paternal lineage.

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Individual Test

Produce a genetic profile to illustrate the biological DNA structure of one person.

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DNA Ancestral Origins Test

Discover the percentage ancestry from 4 different population groups.

Conspire! takes customer privacy very seriously and have built safeguards into every step of our DNA testing process.  All sensitive personal information will be kept secure and treated as strictly confidential by our team of laboratory professionals.

Legal DNA Testing

Our labs are AABB accredited, which permits us to administer DNA testing for legal purposes. This more stringent lab process is advised whenever the test results are needed in court or for some other official matter. Strict procedures must be followed when performing a legal test to regulate sample collection and preserve the integrity of final DNA reporting. Legal DNA Testing can be supported among the following scenarios: 

  • Legal Relationship Testing
  • Legal Immigration Testing

Forensics DNA Testing

Our expert laboratories offer a cutting edge mix of forensic DNA services.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Are there suspicions of cheating by a spouse or partner?  This test will determine if DNA exists on an article of evidence, and whether that profile matches a known reference sample.

Disaster Victim Identification

The occurrence of natural disaster or criminal attack can sometimes lead to tragic losses of life.  We help identify the bodies of disaster victims through forensic DNA analysis.

Non-Standard Sample Processing 

Along with standard mouth swabs, our laboratories test human blood, tooth, bone and tissue samples.  The labs are also proficient in extracting DNA from an assortment of physical items

Most DNA tests can be done orally with a saliva swab, collected at our facility.  In cases where a participant is not able to be present or has died, there are other means of collection and that can be discussed with any of our team members prior to the test.

Most DNA test results take 2- 5 business days. Depending on what sample is tested, results may take longer. Conspire! understands your need for timely information, therefore our team will update you on progress.

Typical DNA results will show a 0% chance of relationship if a person is not biologically related and will show 99.9% if there is a relationship.

There are factors that go into the costs of each test dependent on the need of information and the specimens being tested. Please call Conspire! directly to get an accurate pricing on needed services.

Conspire! takes customer privacy very seriously when providing DNA testing services. We follow strict guidelines from the initial setup, to delivering your results. Call us today to discuss your DNA testing needs.

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