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Did you know that nationally 30% of small business failures are due to the high cost of workplace theft by employees? What if we told you that 30% of job applicants admit to lying about their educational background, while 7 out of every 100 applicants have a felony record?

Whether you are a fortune 500 company, or a small business, the people you hire are the most valuable assets to your organization. You want to hire professionals who will strengthen your brand, satisfy your customers’ needs, and maintain integrity in your work place. You want to be able to trust your employees to drive company vehicles, operate your machinery, and handle your revenue dollars.

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Background screenings have proven to be as important as the interview process. As a hiring manager, it is crucial to learn about a candidate’s personality and skills in person. Our services can support your hiring process by validating the candidate’s honesty. The information you can obtain includes criminal records, credit history, employment and education verification, and more, helping you navigate the difficult hiring process in the easiest way possible.

We can help restore your peace of mind and confidence in the candidates you hire.

At Conspire!, we understand the need to fill an open job position, quickly and efficiently. When you get a quality candidate, you don’t have time to waste. Our employee screens have a turnaround time of less than 24 hours and contain accurate information on your prospects.

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What type of Background Check is right?

Often employers are hesitant to invest money in a pre-hire background check as they try to keep budgets to a minimum and cut wasteful spending. But are screening services the proper place to cut back when you need to make sure you are hiring the most qualified candidate?

At Conspire!, we understand that background checks are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer a wide array of background screens to fit your company needs. Our screens go from a Nationwide and Sex Offender search and Motor Vehicle Records to checking education and previous workers compensations claims.

When it comes to deciding which screens are best for your company think about your top concerns. Are they driving a company car? Perform a Motor Vehicle Report. Are they working with the elderly or children? Perform a Nationwide Search with Sex Offender screen. Is your Worker’s Compensation insurance high due to the industry rate? Perform a Worker Compensation screen to see if they are prone to on the job accidents.

Our screening platform allows you to customize screens to fit your company’s need, while keeping background check services affordable. This allows you to manage your organization’s risks and make the best employment decisions.

How In Depth of a Background Screen Do I need?

It is easiest to explain a background screen is with the metaphor of an onion.

  • The outermost layer of an onion is large. The broadest screen to run is a Nationwide with the Sex Offender registry. This will scan all 50 states for any major violations that may have occurred in a place of residency, while on vacation, visiting or in transition between permanent residencies.
  • If you want a more detailed picture of your applicant, another layer of searches can be done. A state search for any state they have lived in will give you any state violations of the applicant.
  • The inner most layer is a county search. The county search will give detailed information on any cases and/or convictions.
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A Note To Anyone Who Might Have Negative Information In Their Background Check Report

It is an employer’s right to choose a different candidate based on negative information in a criminal background check, however –potential employers should notify candidates if the reported information was a part of their decision and allow them to respond to the information. The notification should be given in writing, so candidates are aware of the negative report.

If this has happened to you because of inaccurate information, make sure to dispute the record and show proof that the criminal information does not belong to you. Does the report show a different middle name, inaccurate social security number or birthdate? Was it reported in a place you never had residency? Using your social security verification can be helpful.

If you suspect fraud has been committed using your social security number, go to your local Social Security Administration office and file a claim of identity theft to get the information cleared up immediately.

If you have outdated criminal information on your history that can be resolved or expunged from your record, you should take care of that as soon as possible so the record is reflected correctly in future reports. You may also notify a potential employer that the information was removed and ask for an updated report.

Finally, if you do have legitimate criminal information for which you are responsible, never lie about the information. It is best to be straightforward and honest. Most employers are willing to understand that potential candidates have made mistakes in the past, but have overcome those issues to create a better future. If there is not an on-going pattern of continued criminal offenses, do not shy away from asking the employer to give you a chance to prove yourself.

Background checks are a smart way for employers to protect themselves against fraudulent candidates and to aid in hiring the most qualified individual but they cannot, and should not, be used for discriminatory actions.

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