Conspire: (verb):

“to come together for a common cause or purpose,” which is exactly what we are here to do.

We Conspire! with individuals to find their greatest potential.

We Conspire! with other business owners to create healthy work spaces.

We Conspire! with HR Professionals to provide safe & drug-free workplaces and incorporate healthy hiring practices.

We Conspire! with schools, parents and students to help young people live their best lives through drug & alcohol-free strategies.

Conspire! offers opportunities for health, wellness and well-being.

Let’s Conspire!
together to do great things!

About Us

Conspire! is a purpose driven company that has set the standard in background screening and compliance excellence. With the impact of substance abuse extending outside the workplace, the demand for screening services continues to grow beyond the professional world. We serve a variety of clients from private companies, to non-profit organizations, to schools and families, to required, random screenings. Our services help create safe and healthy work and educational environments in local communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a total testing solution that directly improves the quality of life for all by lessening the abuse of drugs and alcohol in society, and by connecting people with the tools that provide answers, ensure safety, and inspire change one screen at a time.

We Are A Values-Driven Company

We truly believe that every service we provide allows us the opportunity to help educate, inspire and better our community for an improved quality of life.

We are here to help you navigate questions or concerns pertaining to the points below, all while focusing on health and wellness:

  • Drug or alcohol use and abuse
  • Safe and drug-free living
  • Education and resources on preventing substance abuse

Connect with us, and let’s start conspiring change together, one screen at a time!

Conspire! Total Testing Solution

Screening Services

• Pre-employment Fitness Testing
• Corporate Wellness Programs
• Employee & Supervisor Training
• Certified Collectors
• Certified Technicians for Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)
• Certified MRO (Medical Review Officer) Services
• Mobile Onsite and More!

Protecting Our Children

• Education and Resources
• Onsite School Screenings
• Urine, Saliva and Hair drug testing
• Random Testing by a computerized selection

Simple Background Checks

• SSN Verification
• Criminal Searches; County, State and National
• DMV Reports
• Sex Offender Registry
• Executive Resume Verifications
• Global Watch List
• Medical Registries
• Worker Comp Claims

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