The Center for Construction Research and Training – also known as CPWR— has issued a Hazard Alert for working in Hot Weather. According to CPWR, 17 occupational-related heat stroke deaths occurred in 2015. The alert suggests that employers:

  • Have a heat illness prevention program and emergency plan.
  • Provide training on heat hazards and steps to prevent heat-related illnesses.
  • Provide clean, cool water about 4 cups (that’s two 16-ounce bottles) each hour.
  • Schedule frequent breaks in shaded or cooled areas.
  • Gradually increase workloads for workers new to the heat.

Of course, having a process for sharing health hazards information with employees should be part of any effective corporate wellness program. You can download, print and post this Hazard Alert poster in break rooms, locker rooms, etc. where employees can learn more about protecting themselves:

You can also visit the Center for Construction Research and Training’s website for additional information on for further information on OSHA’s campaign to prevent heat illness and other great resources!

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