How do you know if an employee should be drug tested for Reasonable Suspicion?

Any time an employer suspects that an employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the workplace, a reasonable cause test should be performed. 

Always keep safety first and remember that it applies to your entire workspace, other employees, customers and the individual you may suspect of impairment.

Do not try to mask the test as a “random.” Reasonable cause is NOT random.

When speaking with the employee, be direct, professional and focused on safety. Follow your company policy and provide specific documentation of the incident.

Common signs for Reasonable Cause to drug test:

  • Overt physical signs: brain fog, look at pupils, slurred or dis-jointed speech, indicative odors, clumsy gait
  • Frequent, prolonged and often unexplained absences
  • Involvement in accidents both on and off the job
  • Erratic work patterns and reduced productivity
  • Over-reaction to real or imagined criticism
  • Indifference to personal hygiene or evidence of paraphernalia
  • Increased money problems and/or theft

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