Intention Prevention: Marijuana & Kids

Understanding the use of marijuana in the youth. The facts:

  • Each year 2/3 of new marijuana users are under the age of 18
  • Intention Prevention: Marijuana & Kids of those adolescents will go on to develop marijuana dependence.
  • Marijuana abuse accounts for 67% of adolescent substance-abuse admissions nationally.
  • Just as Big Tobacco did, the Big Marijuana industry is targeting specifically and directly to kids in order to create their new mainstream marketplace.
  • The problem is: marijuana is VERY harmful to the developing adolescent brain. It directly impacts the corpus callosum, shrinking the part of the brain that allows the left-side to speak to the right-side.
  • Amongst other long-term damage, consistent adolescent marijuana use can cause a permanent IQ loss of up to 8 points. Think that isn’t much?  Think again:
    • This can mean a child goes from the 50th percentile to the 29th percentile.

Learn More about Marijauna Intention Prevention

Conspire! provides this needed discussion and much more through our Intention Prevention informational presentations at NO COST to schools. We believe in giving back to our community and bettering our society.

Schedule your Intention Prevention with Conspire! in a setting that meets the needs of your school or youth group.  We are here to help each young person live their best life.

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