What Is a Third Party Administrator?

Conspire! operates as a Third Party Administrator or TPA.

What does this mean?

We can manage your company’s drug and alcohol testing program for you!

We can also manage DOT company’s Clearinghouse for you.

Owner-operator (An owner-operator is a small business where the owner who also runs the day-to-day operations of the company) are not allowed to run their own random drug testing and Clearinghouse. They are required to use a third party TPA to manage these for them.

As the TPA, we will run your random pool, supply your MIS Reports, keep you in audit-ready status and allow you to stay focused on what you do best – while we take care of the rest!

These are reasons why you should use a TPA rather than managing your program in-house.

  • Relationships between co-workers often cause personnel to “look the other way” when substances are detected
  • There is rarely staff solely dedicated to drug testing, it is not their area of expertise and they are generally unfamiliar with proper protocols & procedures that prevent errors
  • In-house personnel typically do not like to confront attempts to cheat the test – therefore more cheaters get through
  • Co-workers are highly avoidant of performing drug tests under direct observation when a specimen is cold (substituted) and prefer to report the test as passed, when it is actually a fake
  • A non-partisan 3rd party provider can prevent claims of discrimination or favoritism
  • Having a certified, professional collector is a liability protection if anything goes wrong with a specimen test
  • Some contracts and insurance companies require a 3rd party provider in order to meet qualification standards
  • The right drug testing professionals will use higher quality products that are more reliable and accurate
  • Professional collectors have a vested interest in protecting the validity of the test outcome and the integrity of the specimen
  • In-house testing does not save money in the long-run when problems and errors occur that cost companies in injuries, lost work time, liability issues and employee turn-over

We are happy to help you get it right every time. Call Conspire! and find out how to get started with TPA management today.

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