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Best Practices To Prevent An Employee From Cheating on a Drug Test

Attempting to beat or cheat a drug test is not uncommon. Even a DNA test…

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At Conspire! we take every precaution to catch the substituted specimen and help employers navigate the best practices for precautions against cheating.

What can you do to?

  • Limit advanced notifications of drug tests to the extent possible
  • If possible, have a supervisor accompany employees to the screening site, or have your services provided at your own location by an on-site visit with Certified Professional Collectors
  • If employees are to report un-accompanied, keep track of the time they leave your facility and how soon (or late) they arrive to the screening facility. Make sure there is no time for stops along the way
  • Don’t buy excuses. If an employee’s drug test comes up too hot or too cold – it is not faulty testing equipment – you are looking at a substituted specimen and need to proceed with the understanding that this was an attempt to cheat the test
  • Never allow the employee to leave the facility to “meet” someone once the test notification has been given – even if it’s just at the front door or appears to be as harmless as a smoke break – substitute specimens are frequently passed off this way by a spouse or friend delivering the sample.
  • Understand that those who attempt to cheat their tests should have screening conducted under Direct Observation in order to prevent further tampering. Observations are conducted by Federal Guidelines with the observation conducted by an individual of the same gender. Every effort to protect dignity is afforded the donor. This is the surest way to prevent cheating of a urine drug screen
  • Consider hair or oral swab testing in lieu of urine drug screens in order to prevent cheat attempts

Many types of devices and cheat tools are offered on the internet. Most don’t work – but the attempts will always happen.

Do everything you can to stay on top of it, and to obtain the most accurate screening services possible in order to keep your environment safe and drug free.

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