DNA Testing

When you need DNA services, accuracy and confidentiality are essential. Conspire! has partnered with a DNA laboratory who prides themselves in providing both. From the comfort of our facility, a simple oral saliva swab will be collected from the inside of the cheek. Once collected, the sample is securely packaged for processing. In most cases, the testing is completed in as few as 48 hours (2 business days).

Additional DNA testing also includes testing used to determine predisposition to genetic disease, to verify biological relationships in the case of immigration disputes, or to determine paternity.

Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity testing simply means establishing fatherhood. Everyone is born with a unique genetic blueprint known as DNA. DNA Identification provides a conclusive way to determine biological relationships.

Pre-dispositional DNA Testing

What genetic diseases are you at risk for developing and how can you change your environment to reduce the risks? This test shows your personal pre-disposition to 25 different diseases with both your genetic and environmental statistical probabilities. One free session with a genetic counselor for explanation of your test results & prevention recommendations is included.


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