About Conspire!

With the impact of substance abuse extending outside the workplace, the demand for screening services began to grow beyond the corporate world. After watching this industry explode in the past 10 years, we are discovering a variety of settings–from companies to organizations to schools to drug court to people receiving public assistance–where our services help create safe and healthy work environments in local communities.

Conspire! is a purpose driven company that has set the standard in screening and compliance excellence. Our company is built on the fundamental values that permeate all aspects of our business. We believe life is valuable, decisions can be difficult, and choices should be easy. We run our business like we run our lives, by maintaining high standards that communicate trust and integrity to everyone. Conspire! is more than a business and more than a service, it is a proven opportunity to improve the quality of life while owning a business that is the leader in a growing industry. More importantly, it is proven to be a leader in a recession resistant market.

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Conspire! Total Testing Solution

Protecting Our Children

• Intention Prevention Town Halls
• Education and Resources
• Onsite School Screenings
• Urine, Saliva and Hair drug testing
• Random Testing by a computerized selection
• Home Test Kits

Screening Services

• Pre-employment Fitness Testing
• Corporate Wellness Programs
• DHS/SAMHSA Laboratory Services
• Employee & Supervisor Training
• Certified Collectors
• Certified Technicians for Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)
• Certified MRO (Medical Review Officer) Services
• Mobile Onsite and More!

Simple Background Checks

• SSN Verification
• Criminal Searches; County, State and National
• DMV Reports
• I9 Verification
• Sex Offender Registry
• Executive Resume Verifications
• Global Watch List
• Medical Registries
• Worker Comp Claims


“Substance abusers are five times more likely to file a workers compensation claim.”