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30 Hour OSHA Training

August 18th – August 21st

This course is designed to get more involved in the OSHA requirements, primarily for supervisors or entry level safety positions.

This course takes 4 days to complete (7:00 am – 5:00pm), with a min. of 5 students and a max. of 40 students per class.

R.V.S.P. Today:
Whitley Crow
Phone: 719-559-1954


***Participants who have completed our 10 hour OSHA Training receive a discount.***

About Conspire!

With the impact of substance abuse extending outside the workplace, the demand for screening services began to grow beyond the corporate world. After watching this industry explode in the past 10 years, we are discovering a variety of settings–from companies to organizations to schools to drug court to people receiving public assistance–where our services help create safe and healthy work environments in local communities.

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DOT Fit Program

The DOT Fit program is tailored specifically to the needs and lifestyles of workers under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation- men and women. Our program is flexible to schedules, working conditions, and varying levels of physical fitness; and our approach is community based, creating a social network of individuals with the same life demands who are seeking an opportunity to create or continue a lifestyle where health is an attainable, and enjoyable, standard of living.

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“Substance abusers are five times more likely to file a workers compensation claim.”